Bunnie Caddie - Tan


* Boasting neutral tones and elegant vibrant shades, the Bunnie Caddie has a luxurious look and feel, and will double as a stylish nursery decor item. Designed with the finer details honed to perfection every feature of your Caddie has been carefully considered for optimum style and functionality.

The Bunnie Caddie is made from premium felt fabric that provides a sturdy base and sectional caddie, leather trim and metal hardware for a sleek look, plus a leather strap for durability and ease of transport.

* Each bag will be shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an everyday tote

* Tan Leather detailing on the bottom, side as well as handles for durability

* Nine functional pockets

* Three removable dividers that can be used to support and organise your products

* Larger Leather pocket with magnetic closure

* Gold hardware

* Two-tone body strap

* Size 41cm L x 32cm H x 21cm D

Customer Reviews

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Mandy Bunnett
Bunnie Caddie

The Bunnie Caddie is stunning and your nursery isn’t complete until you have one loaded with goodies for bubs…. It’s a beautiful product and I currently have mine on display in my nursery with full intentions of using around the house and even for those short trips away from home… this is a must have for every mum and well worth the wait… I love it